Saying No With No Regrets

Saying No With No RegretsI said no to a great opportunity today.

I’ve turned down work before. Usually because I was simply just too busy to take on any more.  And even knowing that saying yes would put me over capacity, and increase my risk of not being able to perform well for my customers, every time I’ve had to turn down work, I would feel that flutter of butterflies in my stomach.  What if this is the last opportunity I’ll ever have?  What if people assume that because I have no time for them now, I’ll never have time for them?  Those butterflies are the harbingers of unfounded fear and panic attacks.

So in saying no today, I was fully prepared and waiting for those not-so-friendly butterflies to make an appearance.  But they never showed up.  No fear, no panic.  But instead, an overwhelming feeling of certitude.

I turned down work, not because I couldn’t take it on, but because I knew it wasn’t a good fit for where I am right now.  It would have increased my revenue, but decreased my motivation.  It’s a great opportunity, but for someone else.

I started this year with a commitment to myself.  To do the work I’m passionate about, and free myself from the chains and boxes and labels that others want to impose; the naysayers, the cowards, the followers, the madding crowd.  Every day presents a multitude of decisions, and it’s all too easy to blindly stumble along with where the crowd takes you.  Every decision is a choice.  MY choice.  The seemingly simple act of saying no is the foundation that underlies it all.

As I continue my journey, I realize more and more that it’s not just about first steps.  It’s about continual dedication, a daily affirmation of confidence and vision of the road ahead.

No matter what or who tries to take me off course.

It’s about continual dedication, a daily affirmation of confidence and vision of the road ahead. 


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