It’s Not A 4 Hour Work Week

flexible work week

As I sit here on the beach, sipping a Mai Tai and typing this blog post, I’m trying to remember what life used to be like, slaving away for eight hours a day, with the rest of the Monday to Friday crowd.  Wait, did I say I was at the beach? I meant to say my office. And did I say Mai Tai? I meant to say yet-another-coffee.

I’ve read The 4-Hour WorkWeek by Tim Ferriss a few times, and I love what he’s been able to achieve. I’m just not quite there yet!  I definitely work more, in fact much more, than four hours per week. But the amount of time I work isn’t why I work for myself. I’d likely work far less hours as a 9-to-5 employee.

But while I still put in a lot of hours, what I also have in abundance is flexibility.

The Flexible Work Week

Flexibility equals freedom. And freedom equals empowerment.

My day isn’t dictated to me, I dictate my day.  This is a hard and fast rule.  If a customer absolutely requires access to me starting at a specific time of day and ending at a specific time every single day, then that tells me that my business is not a good fit for that customer, and vice versa.

As an employee, it often feels like the unofficial rules are valued higher than the actual results. Arriving before your boss, leaving after your boss, working through your lunch hour are somehow viewed as achievements. Really? A well-trained dog could “achieve” those same accomplishments.

I have one golden rule that I follow – always deliver value.  That’s it.  Focus on helping your customers achieve their objectives, and be an enabler not an obstacle.  If you’re always delivering value, does it matter whether you do so from the corner office or the corner coffee shop?

Your business, your rules.

Good customers only care about results.  (Bad customers will be the subject of another post).

Manage your business, your week, and your day to make that’s what you give them.

The rest of the details are up to you.





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