I Freakin’ LOVE Technology

I love technology. I freakin’ LOVE technology! It makes work easier, it makes scheduling easier, it makes connecting with people easier. It makes life easier.

I received my Apple Watch this week. Yes, I’m an Apple fan. I admit it. What shame is there in loving beautifully designed technology that just works?

I love that I can wear a watch that gives my wrist a quick tap, a gentle nudge if you will, to remind me that I have a meeting coming up.

I love that I can wear wireless earphones and venture outdoors without my smartphone or iPod, because my watch can now stream music directly to my earphones.

I love that I can glance at my watch face and quickly see what time it is in my customers’ time zones, so I immediately know whether it’s too late or too early to call, without having to spare even a moment to think about it.

I love that my watch reminds me when it’s time to stand, because I’ve been sitting at my computer too long.

I love that the apps I rely on most, like Evernote, are now just a wrist tap away. And yes, it’s very nerd-cool to add a new note by speaking into a watch.

Most of all, I love how seamlessly and gracefully technology, when done well, can not only integrate into my life, but can also help to better integrate my work life with my non-work life.

I don’t need to chain myself to a desk all day because I can work from anywhere. With apps like Dropbox and Hightail, my files are available everywhere. With Office365 and Google Apps for Business, my desktop is available everywhere. Apps like Evernote, WordPress, and Desk synchronize across all of my devices. Email, Texts, Facetime, Skype, and yes, even the telephone, make connectivity possible regardless of physical space.

At home, at the coffee shop, at the beach, at the airport, the only thing you need is an internet connection and your laptop. Why subject yourself to the human cage they call a cubicle when there are so many better choices available?


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