Hesitation Guarantees Failure

Hesitation Guarantees Failure

Hesitate and Wait

What is the value of the hesitate and wait approach?  Hesitation gives you more time to do less.

More time to wait, less time to act.

More time for insecurities to creep in, less time for positive reinforcement.

More time for stagnation, less time for seizing opportunities.

More time to atrophy, less time to leap ahead.

Be Brave

Naysayers insist on waiting. They insist on having all of the answers for every possible question before beginning an action.  The ultimate paradox, since you typically gain the most knowledge through practical experience.

Wannabees are the wishers and dreamers who smugly refuse to try.  They refuse to change, to move forward, to act because different is bad.  Or because not all of the conditions are perfect yet.  They assume anyone who is doing what they only ever dream of doing is “lucky”.  But fortune favours the brave. Wannabees are never brave.

Not Reckless

Forging ahead without hesitating doesn’t mean throwing yourself off a cliff without a second thought.  It means taking steps and continuing to march forward. It means putting yourself out there.  It means risking failure, risking reputation, risking pride.  It means having the audacity to declare yourself, your idea, your dreams and face head-on the criticism of the naysayers and the judgment of the wannabees.

I’ve done this, more than once, and sometimes I’ve been successful and sometimes I’ve failed.  My failures have been public, and I’ve survived.

To the smug smirks and all-knowing nods, I happily reply, “but I had the courage to try”.

What dreams do you have the courage to chase?


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