The Case for Ordinary Success

SuccessSo much is said about extraordinary people and their incredible success. It seems like we’re bombarded with it these days, from viral YouTube videos to the non-stop diet of celebrity “news” served up by the media.

But what about the rest of us? Where do we fit in? Are we failures because we’re just not that special?

I am not extraordinary.  I’ve never been extraordinary.  I’ll never be extraordinary.  I’m about as non-extra-ordinary as they come.  I am, in fact, ordinary.

But I’m successful.  Rather bold of me to just go ahead and say that, don’t you think?  But it’s true.  I. Am. Successful.  And this is how I know.

People Don’t Avoid Me

I have friends.  Family.  Colleagues.  Acquaintances.  Relationships.  People don’t go out of their way to avoid me.  Don’t people generally try and avoid toxicity and failure and disease and despair?  But I have a support system.  I have people in my life I can count on, who will help me, who will extend a hand to me when I stumble.  Success.

I Don’t Avoid Myself

I almost never feel lonely, but I often seek time to be alone.  I like being alone.  Gives me time to think, create, dream.  Write.  I know people who hate being alone.  Or fear it.  I’m not sure why, it’s one of those things I can’t really relate to.  But they’ll go out of their way to avoid being alone.  Some will even spend time with people they don’t want to spend time with, doing things they don’t want to do, just so they don’t have to be alone.  What is it about themselves that they need to avoid?  I like myself.  I have nothing to avoid.  Success.

I’m Happy

This is the weird thing about saying, out loud, that you’re happy – people don’t believe you.  I’ve never been treated more like a liar than when I’ve told people I’m happy.  Why?  Maybe because they’re not happy, and misery loves company?  Or some sort of automatic cynicism in a world that reveres it?  Nonetheless, facts are facts, and I’m happy.  Some days are harder than others, always has been so, always will be so, but for the most part I’m content with who and what and where I am.  For this, I’m immensely grateful.  It’s a fragile thing, happiness, and it could change with a sudden turn of fortune, but for now I’ll relish it.  Success.

There you have it.  A completely unimpressive, ordinary, average, successful person.  Imagine that.




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