One Compelling Reason To Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own BossI’ve been primarily a solopreneur for over a decade, with a brief venture into entrepreneurship that didn’t end well.

But when my startup company died a horrible death, it was ultimately solopreneurship that I turned to for comfort. Solopreneurship was my safety net.

Yet I know so many people unhappily working for someone else, wishing that they worked for themselves, but too afraid to pull the ripcord. Because they view any situation other than employment as risky.

Be your own boss?  Sounds great, you say.  But too risky.  Then why do people do it?  Are they just wild-and-crazy show-me-a-plane-and-I’ll-jump-out-of-it risk takers?

How Do You Define Risk

Solopreneurship, self-employment, freelancing, entrepreneurship, e-commerce ventures, any ventures you can think of, are so often deemed risky or not secure.

There’s no ‘safety net’ of a pay-check every two weeks.

That dependable pay-check that provides you with just enough money to get you through the next two weeks and so on and so on.

But hey that’s ok, because the pay-checks keep coming right?  Until they don’t.

Until the big company you work for is bought by another bigger company that doesn’t need little ol’ you.  Happened to me.

Or until you piss off your boss.  I’ve done this.

Or criticize the wrong bad idea.  I’ve done this too.

Or dare to suggest a better way of doing something that somebody thinks is absolutely just fine thankyouverymuch.  Me again.

One Compelling Reason

Solopreneurship, self-employment, freelancing, entrepreneurship, e-commerce ventures all have one significant common theme.  In each of these situations, the person with the most control and the most influence over your success or your failure is YOU.

In a choice between handing over control of my professional and income-generating life to a complete stranger, or owning it myself, I’ll always choose to own it myself.  Who’s my boss?  I am.


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