The Underrated Productivity Tip

OverwhelmedI love productivity tips.  Figuring out how to squeeze more and more out of the same number of hours allocated to a day is a beautiful kind of scientific magic.

But there are days or weeks that go off the rails and no amount of productivity efficiency will help you get them back on track.

I’ve been having one of those weeks.

Where work and personal and urgent and emergency and important and necessary all collide to produce a perfect storm of frantic fire fighting.  In the midst of this fire storm, no amount of checklists, to do lists, and time management techniques will help you.  You likely don’t even have the time to think of a list, never mind write it down.

At some point, you have to just let it go, give up some ground, and re-group to get back on track.  The day (or week) is lost.  Pause, accept it, put it behind you, and look forward.  After you take a little time-out.

This is the productivity tip that productivity gurus may forget to mention.  Sometimes, in order to be more productive (or become productive once again), you need to give yourself a break.

In that spirit, I offer this


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