Time Diamonds: The True Value of Time

A few years ago, I wrote a post responding to a question posed by Michael Greer, asking “What is one simple thing that can improve projects and/or project management?”.  In my response, I challenged readers to stop thinking about time as an infinite commodity, and start viewing it as the precious, non-renewable resource that it is. How should we measure time?  In time diamonds.

Value of time

Last week I was travelling on business, and suddenly struck again by the immeasurable value of time.  The business trip was successful, and a great opportunity to meet some talented colleagues, but business travel uses up large quantities of time diamonds.  You are effectively working, or making a time commitment to work-related endeavours, 24/7 for the duration of your trip.  While travelling for business, your non-business life essentially stops.  Or, it continues on without you.  Either way, you forfeit a period of your life – a day, a week, more – for work.  What could be more expensive than that?!

I don’t need to travel for business frequently, which makes me grateful.  Grateful for the occasional opportunity to travel and meet people that I’ve only encountered on the end of an email or phone call, and grateful that I don’t need to spend my time diamonds in bulk.

I’m also infinitely grateful that I typically have the choice, each and every day, how to spend my time diamonds.  Who decides how you can spend your time diamonds?