We All Dream of Someday


What Does Your Someday Look Like?

Someday. It’s the best day ever.

When are you going to quit that job you hate? Someday.

When will you will start taking better care of yourself? Someday.

When will you start doing what you always dreamed of doing? Someday.

When will you stop putting yourself last? Someday.

Someday is beautiful.

Full of promise, untouched by reality.

Someday is mythical.

It exists in our hopes, our dreams, and even, unfortunately, our best intentions.

One of the inescapable outcomes of suffering a loss is realizing just how ethereal someday is.

Planning for someday is a pleasurable indulgence, but a dangerous addiction. Constantly deferring today’s action to tomorrow’s promise tends to have a predictable and sad outcome. Plans never actioned, dreams never realized.

If I had waited until someday to start my own business, I’d still be working for someone else. I’d still be slaving away to make someone else’s dreams come true.

Sometimes we need some motivation to get started, and sometimes life gives us just the kick in the ass that we need. Other times, we need to find that motivation for ourselves. And the best way to so is to take a hard look at someday. Not just what it is, but when it is.

I’ve touched on this in a previous post (If Time Were Diamonds). Every now and then it’s good to reconcile your someday self with your current self. Take stock. Get real. And nothing is more real than realizing exactly how little time you have to get from here to there.

Don’t stop dreaming, and hoping, and planning. But stop waiting. Start doing. What do you want? Figure that out first. Sure, it could change in five years, but as of this moment in time, what do you want?

Now go get it.