It Begins and Ends With Ego

It All Begins and Ends With Ego

Egos and icons. And wannabees. Every organization has them, and those that profess the opposite, usually have the steepest and deepest politics of all.

Navigating shark-filled waters is a survival skill of anyone in the business world, whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, solopreneur, or entrepreneur.

You can’t ignore it, but that doesn’t mean you need to indulge it.

3 Things To Remember When Dealing With Office Politics

1. Be sensitive enough to the political agendas swirling around you to avoid being pulled under by the currents. You don’t need to play the political game, but you should at least be able to recognize when one is being played around you. The only way to steer clear of land mines is to know where they’re located.

2. Avoid trying to pick potential ‘winners’ for the purposes of aligning yourself with them. Winners and losers ebb and flow and you’ll never be able to match their pace. Today’s “winner” could be tomorrow’s sacrificial lambs. Don’t take sides. Staying neutral will eliminate a lot of potential stress and unecessary strife.

3. Manage yourself with consistency and transparency, and never give your clients a reason to question whether you have a hidden agenda. Stay focused on delivering the highest quality of service possible. Don’t waste energy trying to figure out why a request was made; zero in on what the request is and whether you can meet it.

That’s it. Keep it simple. Rise above.